About Me. Trent Meikle.

I just want to write stories. Ever since my first creative writing essay we had to do for English (I may be wrong, but I think I wrote about midget stealing someones wallet at a carnival? Don’t go stealing my ideas now) I’m in my final year of school now, and I have to say, writing is pretty hard. I find it difficult to stick to a story and want to continue with it.

Anyways, I’ll get there one day. For now, I plan to try and write something (short story, or, extremely short story at least once a week. If I really get into it, I’ll try and do more and more. For now, I will be using Plot Generator to make my weekly story.

Now for the actual About Me that you came here for: Born in South Africa and still here. Fifa Master and Driving Instructor in Rocket League(Yes, it is a real title) and just starting to get into Fortnite at the moment.

Bookwise, I’ve read plenty. Harry Potter being my favourite, closely followed by Skulduggery Pleasant. There are too many others to list… So, I won’t. I just read. A lot.

Well, thanks for coming. See ya around!