The Beans

“Where are they?!” She said in a panic.

“Andrew! Get in here right now!”

Andrew entered the room to see his mother flipping over sofa cushions, sticking her hand in between the middles of them, looking for something unknown to Andrew.

“Mom? What’s wrong?”

Andrews mother turned around.

“Have you seen the beans anywhere? I can’t find them anywhere!”

“No, Mom… I’m going back to my room, alright?”

She didn’t answer, but continued to look for the ‘beans’ all over the house.

As Andrew went back to his room, he thought about when they had first got their set of beans. Back in 2008, the family was watching the 7PM news, and they had seen that the world had been changed forever by the recreation of Magic Beans. The best way to describe them was like the beans from the fairy tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Some famous scientist had discovered the ability to make these beans exactly, and it had taken the world by storm. Once they had the basic idea, over the years, the world smartest had started to make the beans for themselves, and the information had leaked. Now, anyone could make it if they knew how. It had started a blaring trade in the ‘Beans’ market. Very soon after the announcement to the world, the government made the law that had banned the beans.

As you can imagine, the world would be taken over if everybody in the world had their own set of beans. The black market trade increased even more, and the prices shot up. Somehow, though Andrew had never known how, his mother had gotten her hands on a set of these beans, for reasons unbeknownst him him, she seriously cared about her set of beans.

At least once a year, she lost her little packet of beans, and had a panic meltdown while trying to find them. After 2 years of going into her panics, Andrew’s dad decided to divorce him Mom, as he couldn’t understand her want for the beans, and the way she got so extremely defensive of them.

Little did Andrew’s mother know, that Andrew HAD indeed taken her beans. He had made plans with his closest friends to steal them, and they had cooked up an idea to plant them somewhere in the school they all attended, thus breaking the entire school down. 

The plan had been in motion for a few months. He knew that before he planted the seeds, his mom would have to forget about them. Time passed, and she had searched their house for almost 2 weeks before giving up on trying to find them. It had been a month now, and Andrews mother had become depressed, despondent. But Andrew knew that their lives would become better without those beans. His mother didn’t need that obsession anymore… And, it would make for a great joke to destroy the entire school.

One snowy day, Andrew decided that today was finally the day. He sent messages to all of his friends who were in on the joke and told them to prepare. They responded with messages of joy. Andrew found the beans hidden in his oldest pair of socks, and out them into his top pocket of his shirt. He said goodbye to his mom, and began walking to school.

When he saw his other three friends standing in the school courtyard, he grinned at them, and pulled out the packet of beans, and showed them to his friends. As it was so rare, his friends were all excitedly exclaiming about the beans. They made plans to meet back at the courtyard at break to do the actual planting of the beans.

The day seemed to drag on, but eventually, break came and it was time for the first stage of the operation. Ted had brought a tiny gardening spade from his mothers garden, and Jack brought a bottle of water to give the beans after they were in the ground. And, eventually, the deed was done, the beans in the ground, and they had been watered.

They weren’t sure about the timing of the big beanstalk, but Andrew was sure it would be soon. They all avoided going near the planting area for the rest of the day, not wanting to give any teachers the impression that it was them who had planted the beans.

It happened while Andrew was sitting in math. He heard screams from the direction of the courtyard, and the whole class rushed to the windows, and what they saw was astonishing. An absolutely massive Beanstalk had erupted out of the ground, and it was still growing in height and width. The courtyard had been demolished, and the rest of the school was surely next.

The fire alarm was pulled somewhere, telling the school students that they needed to evacuate the school immediately. While Andrew was being rushed out of school along with his classmates, he saw his three other friends, and fist bumped all of them, laughing madly.

The whole school was gathered around in the parking lot of the school, staring at the beanstalk. Andrew looked up his brilliant project of Mayhem, and just smiled at it, extremely happy with himself for bringing it about