Put the kettle on.

“That was the beginning of the day. I got the kettle on, and made coffee, while Grant turned on the PlayStation, and got Fifa set up and ready to play. He closed the curtains, put the chairs in front of the TV, just as I set down the two mugs beside each chair. We would play two matches, and then turn off the PlayStation. We would take our chairs back to the table, pull out the computer, and start talking about what was next to do. Often we would decide what, and who to write about, and begin writing the next script. That was our work when we started. Grant would finish the character designs, edit the script to get it exactly perfect, and send it onward. And now look at us, 10 years later and we’re on our own panel at Comic-Con!”

The crowd below the stage began cheering as Trent finished speaking.

Grant and Trent smiled at each other, not daring to believe that this was all real, each still believing it to be a dream, and not get too excited. Trent reached down to under the table and pinched his leg to try and wake himself from the dream he was sure he was having. It hurt. A lot. That seemed to rule out the possibility that this was all a dream. 

The fact that this was actually happening to them still amazed Trent at times.

While the crowd continued to cheer, Grant looked off to the side of the stage and saw the schedule manager tapping his watch vigorously. Clearly, EyeJuice’s time on stage was done.

Grant stood up, and following his lead, so did Trent.

“THANK YOU COMIC-CON!” the pair shouted in unison, and they walked off the stage, waving to the crowds non-stop as they went off.

“That. Was. Insane!” Trent said excitedly to Grant.

“I know right! So many people! All cheering for us!”

Both couldn’t stop grinning, all the time they made their way back into the main crowd of the Comic-Con.

The moment the two left the door marked “No entry” to get back to the crowds, a group of around 20 people rushed Grant and Trent, all screaming and waving photos in the air, evidently wanting their signatures, and clambering to have theirs to be the first signed. For a few minutes, Grant and Trent stood there, signing the fans pictures, and eventually, the fans depleted around them.

“If that was our crowd for our first Comic-Con, can you only imagine what next years will be like!” Trent spoke excitedly to Grant.

Grant smiled even more, and said; “Well, maybe we won’t have to wait until next year to do another one of these. About a week ago I was contacted by the Big Apple Comic-Con and asked if we would consider doing a panel at their event.”


“I said we would decide by tomorrow. What do you think?”

“Yes! Definitely!”

“Well, tonight we need to meet to make arrangements for the trip. And also, we need to write a new script, can we meet tonight?”

“Definitely? My house or yours?”

“Yours.” Grant said “It’s closer from here. We can carpool there once we get out of here.”

Trent thought his face might split if we kept smiling, but he couldn’t help himself.

“Great. Remind me to put the kettle on when we get there.”