The Watchmaker

Everyone in town had heard the stories.

The stories about the Watchmaker.

The Man who could count your death down to the second.

In the town of Gladriver, when the Clockmaker wished to meet someone, no one ever thought to disobey him. Ever. The second you were called upon, your life was on the clock.


When Torem Horologium wanted to meet you, you went straight away.

This had been going on for some time now, and every single one of Torem Horologium’s watches he had made predicted exactly when the owner would die. No one had managed to outrun the numbers that were on their watches. The people in town had even gone as far as calling Torem a God.

“But surely not Papa! How can such a story be true?”

Proximus Peribunt’s father smiled weakly.

“The story isn’t real Proximus. Don’t worry, there’s no Watchmaker, no one can count down someones death. It’s just a story.”

He made to stand up from his sons bed, before:

“No! Please! Finish the story?”

“Not tonight Proximus.” He mumbled quietly. “We’re both tired. We’ve just moved into this house for Gods sake. Tomorrow we’re tackling that attic, alright?”

“Alright Papa. I Love You.”

The light switch flicked off as Proximus’ father said “I Love You too son. Now get some rest.”


End of Part 1